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Veterinary Use Infusion Pump YSD290A

Item No.: YSD019
Professional Pet Infution Pump


Technical Specification

Monitor:LCD monitor

Rate Setting Range: 1ml/h~9999ml/h

Flushing Rate: 9999ml/h

Keep Vessel open: Infusion rate at screen display 1ml/h after Completion of the infusion

Blocking alarm threshold: Ps1 30-70 KPa; Ps1 60-100 KPa; Ps3 70-120 KPa; Ps4 120-210KPa;

Infusion Precision:≤4%

Bubble Detector: Ultrasonic detection methods, the detection sensitivity 30uL≤3mm

Infution preset amount:19999mL

Cumulative amount: 19999mL

Infution mode setting: flow rate mode;bit by bit mode;time mode;the default program mode

Alarm Indication:  Infusion completed; clogged pipeline bubbles;open the door; battery voltage; pause timeout error system; the fluid Volume is not to setting to run out of battery; motor Abnormalities

Using Environment: Temperature: 540 °C; Ralative humidity: ≤90%RH; Pressure of  

                               environment:860hPa 1060hPa

Power Supply:Voltage; AC220V±10%;5060HZ Build-in Power supply:DC12V 2000mA/h

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